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Covid-19 & Travel-20 to 21

Philippine Survey based on the Domestic Sentiment about Travelling Post Covid-19

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Let us look back at the survey conducted by Filinvest Hospitality Corporation & Chroma Hospitality last May, 2020 in which 7,515 respondents were asked about the effects of COVID-19 with their employment, their travel history prior the pandemic and their expectations as soon as this virus is eliminated.

Travel Survey Post Covid-19
Covid-19 Travel Survey

Though it may be understandable that since this initiative is from the Tourism Sector, that most of the respondents here are from our industry. It was noted that the results and conclusions of the survey is the same even the respondent from our industry is excluded. Travbest Travel & Tours Co. supported this survey by sending a copy to our email list and requested our existing and past clients to participate in this survey.

Traveling will Decrease due to Economic and Safety Concerns (Covid Bwisit Ka!!!)

Sadly but expected, the desire to travel will decrease due to financial reasons and doubts on how safe it is to travel. It is true that prior to Covid-19, some travelers will book a vacation at least 2-4 times a year. Most of our travelers do, they will even book 2 vacations in advance while waiting for their booked vacation the year before.

Reasons Why others may not travel now

But between these two reasons, financial and safety concerns, it is the financial factor that affects the decision of the respondents to lessen their travel activities in the near future. The graph shows that almost 66% of the respondents has experienced income reduction of 10% to 80% due to temporary business closures and reduced working hours.

Covid affects financial status of many.

Though in the absence of vaccine, 60% of the respondents are willing to travel as long as pandemic is controlled with safety precautions in place.

Covid ka lang! Travel pa rin kami!

Here are the list of destinations that respondents wish to travel after Covid-19. Still, travel by air is more preferred but by land travel is sure to increase since Baguio and other Luzon destinations are included.

Post Covid-19 Destination

With all the uncertainties we experienced nowadays, we believe that this is just a temporary halt. A time to rest and reflect to things we should correct and focus on. And for sure as soon as this pandemic is over, traveling will be the next essential...